Dimensions: 5 3/4" Wide. 7/16" Thick

Bristle Length: 1"

Paste brush. Dense goat hair bristles. Used to apply paste to backing materials.
Handmade in Kyoto, Japan.

Cleaning your brush: Run cool/warm water over the bristles while gently massaging (rubbing) the bristles to wash out the nori from the brush.  Be sure to turn the brush to wash both sides.  Continue until the nori is out of the brush (like rinsing your hair after washing). Throughout this cleaning process keep the brush pointed down, under the running water.  After washing, gently squeeze the bristles between your fingers to remove excess water, then hang the brush in an airy place and allow it to natural dry for a couple of days.  Tie a string through the hole in the handle of the brush to facilitate hanging the brush.