Mini Japanese Brush Series

Made in Japan by Kobayashi Hake. Compact size for small projects.

Mini Noribake 2.5"W 3.5"L Goat hair, used to apply paste to backing materials

Mini Mizubake 2.5"W 3.5"L Deer Hair, water brush for moistening material

Mini Shigokibake 2.5"W 3.5"L Water Badger hair

Mini Tsukemawashi 2.5"W 3.5"L Horse hair, for joining materials to backing

Mini Nazebake 2.5"W 4"L Hemp Palm tree bristles, for smoothening/pressing papers

Mini Uchibake 2"W 6.25"L Horse hair, for pressing/pounding gently on papers (bristle is 2"W 0.75"L 0.5"Thick)