One sheet each of Hidaka Washi's thinnest machine made Tengucho papers (Kochi, Japan). These thin Tengucho papers are widely used in libraries and institutions around the world, including the National Archives of Japan.

Available to order by the roll & customize, contact us for details (note: KT tone from previous sampler is discontinued and no longer produced)

*Haini: Japanese Kozo fibers cooked with Ash.
**Contact us for data sheets on the materials and dyes used.

Sheets are numbered in the order according to the label on front of pack.
One sheet (8.5"x11") each of the following:

1. Haini Tengucho 2g (KM-09)
2. Haini Tengucho 3.5g (HPR-RKOO Haini Roll)
3. Haini Tengucho 5.0g (HPR-RKO Haini Roll)
4. Haini Tengucho 7.3g (HID-4)
5. Haini Tengucho 9.0g (HID-5)
6. NAJ Toned Tengucho 1.6g (HID-6)
7. NAJ Toned Tengucho 2.0g (HID-7)
8. NAJ Toned Tengucho 3.5g (HID-8)
9. NAJ Toned Tengucho 5.0g (HID-9)
10. NAJ Toned Tengucho 7.3g (HID-10)