[SALE] Short Length Conservation Rolls


Roll papers for conservation/restoration use in different thicknesses & lengths.

1) Haini 3.5g 38" x 3m, 4m rolls

2) Haini 5g Rolls

- Made with 100% Japanese Kozo by Hidaka Washi in Kochi Prefecture.
- The kozo fibers are cooked with ash (HAI) and no chemical additives.

3) R-010 Sekishu Extra Thick 38" x 4m roll (30g/m²)

4) R-011 Sekishu Thick 38" x 3.25m roll (25g/m²)

5) R-012 Sekishu Medium 38" x 4m rolls (20g/m²)

6) R-013 Sekishu Thin 38" x 4m roll (15g/m²)

7) R-014 Sekishu Extra Thin roll (10g/m²)

8) R-021 Misu Thick 38" x 4.5m roll (24g/m²)

100% Tosa Kozo machine-made paper by Kashiki Paper Mill in Kochi Prefecture.


9) HPCR-52 Polypropylene Roll
- Made with 100% Polypropylene. Used to cover work surfaces when lining paintings.

10) HPCR-51-12 Rayon 12g 38" x 5m Roll

11) HPCR-51-18 Rayon 18g Roll
100% Rayon. Transparent, smooth, non-snagging and flexible sheeting.

12) HPCR-50 Rayon Thick 37" x 7m Roll

- 40% Rayon, 60% Sulphite pulp Conservation paper used for "capillary cleaning."