Spring 2005: About Hogo Paper

About Hogo Paper

by Naoharu Usami (Asian Art conservator in Kyoto, Japan)

The original meaning of the word Hogo is "begin all over again" or "go back to the start". Hogo paper is taken from discarded old books such as accounting ledgers, textbooks, old historical documents or family registers.

The aged papers are very good for use in lining the wooden base core of byobu (folding screens) and fusuma (sliding doors). Since the folding parts of Byobu are delicate and sensitive, the flexibility of aged paper is very helpful to avoid damage from distortions which could be made by newer papers or fresher stronger pastes.

Due to it's similarity of color and texture, Hogo is also used to restore old manuscripts.

Hogo paper is still available in Japan, mostly at antique fairs, but it hard to find and growing more expensive. 

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