Washi Flower Postcards by Maki Ishiwata


Postcard Size: 4" x 6"

Washi Fiber Artist, Maki Ishiwata creates unique flowers, one by one, petal by petal using her hands utilizing the different textures of Japanese handmade paper. All postcards are printed in Japan, of Maki's wonderful washi flower creations!

About the Artist

Born in Chiba Prefecture. After received BFA at San Francisco Art Institute in California USA, she worked as an art instructor at the local elementary and middle school for 13 years. In her 24 years of American life, she had quested her potential in various creative fields. Since 2007, the year she returned in Japan, under the influence of her mother who worked for activity to lore the traditional Japanese handmade paper(Washi), she was also deeply charmed by its beauty and started to create her original “plants figure” using Washi. Development of the technique with paper strings and ligature is her characteristic style.