Kanogu Aromatic Paints


These aromatic paints designed by Japanese fragranciers, Grasse Tokyo, combine 100% natural essential oils with water-soluble paint, resulting a feast for the eyes AND nose. These paints are great for crafts and card-making! 

Available in 9 colors or in a full set of 9.

Each tube contains 7 ml of paint.



Blue: Juniper Berry - A woody, cedar smell. Like being in the middle of a forest.

Green: Patchouli - A strong, sweet scent. Like walking through musky earth.

Red: Geranium - Sweetly herbaceous, like smelling a rose.

Purple: Lavender - A gentle and calming floral aroma.

White: Eucalyptus - A refreshing forest scent with a hint of honey.

Orange: Orange - A fresh fragrance full of positive energy.

Brown: Cedarwood - A walming woodsy scent like hinoki cedar.

Yellow: Yiang-Yiang - Beautifully fragrant with a sweet and slightly fruity floral scent.

Black: Black Pepper - A spicy aromatic and awakening scent.