Fabriano Journals


Journals from the Fabriano Boutique in Italy.

All journals made with 90 gsm Ingres paper (acid free and lightfast). Excellent for ink, pencil, charcoal, pastels. 


A) Fabriano Journal (red cover) filled with 10 different colors of Ingres paper 4.75"x6.25" 

B) Fabriano Classic Artist's Journal (Bluish/Black cover) two different colors of Ingres Paper. 192 sheets of paper total. 5"x7" 

C) Fabriano Quadrato Artist's Journal SMALL (Black Cover). 4 shades of Ingres that range from white to Tan. 96 sheets. 6.3"x6.3" 

D) Fabriano Quadrato Artist's Journal LARGE (Black Cover). 4 shades of Ingres that range from white to Tan. 96 sheets 9"x9"