Asuka Inkjet 13"x19"


Kozo and Pulp machine-made paper from Echizen, Japan with coating for inkjet printing on both sides.

NEW Pure White color: The color is new but the paper remains the same. Over the years we have loved our Asuka WHITE, but we have listened to customer feedback about the paper and have decided to, in collaboration with the papermaker, transition it to Asuka PURE WHITE.

What this means:
We will gradually transition our stock of White to Pure White and over time we will no longer carry the regular white unless someone seeks special order.
Please contact us if you'd like a color sample!

Size: 13" x 19"
Weight: 48 g/m²
Colors Available: White and Natural

Size: 13" x 19"
Weight: 75 g/m²
Colors Available: Pure White and Natural

Size: 13" x 19"
Weight: 150 g/m²
Colors Available: White and Natural

Coated on both sides, also available in larger & smaller sheets and rolls.
Comes in 1 sheet or 100 sheet pack

*Image is taken with dark background, order of paper in image from left to right: IJ-48N, IJ-48W, IJ-75N, IJ-75W