Fabriano ECO Watercolor Pencil Cases


Limited Item

Available as a full set or in COOL and WARM set. Size 04 pencils can be activated with water and a brush.

Full set Cloth Case: 24 Ergonomically formed color pencils that are water soluble, includes all colors, and a small watercolor brush. Comes in a cloth case with three color options: Grey, Blue, and Red. Size 17.5"x5.5". Cloth cases are made using recycled ocean plastic. 

* NEW * FULL SET RED BOX: set of 24 pencils, box is 5" x 2.75" x 2".

COOL: Blues, Greens, Greys, and White set of 12. Comes in Sky Blue box. Size 1.5"x2"x5".

WARM: Oranges, Red, Yellows, Browns, Violets and Black set of 12. Comes in Orange box. Size: 1.5"x2"x5".

 FSC certified cedar wood pencils with broad tip and ergonomic handle. Cedar is harvested using sustainable techniques. 

Imported from Fabriano Boutique.