Colored Korean Hanji Series -AD- (32-35 g/m²)


Size: 25" x 37"
Weight: 32-35 g/m²
Various colors available

Handmade in Korea, deckle edges
100% Mulberry (dak, similar to Kozo)
Cooked by Caustic Soda, Ssang Bal (similar to Japanese formation, long grain)

*Colors, size, and weight may vary by the sheet and batch
**Some images are taken with a black background

AD-01 Pink
AD-06 Red
AD-07 Lilac
AD-11 Peach
AD-12 Lavender
AD-19 Blue
AD-20 Light Blue
AD-21 Grey
AD-22 Clay
AD-25 Navy
AD-29 Lime
AD-37 Bright Yellow
AD-46 Tan
AD-49 Yellow
AD-54 Mustard
AD-57 Sage
AD-59 Olive
AD-64 Green
AD-66 Dark Green
AD-67 Chestnut
AD-78 Maroon
AD-85 Brown
AD-89 Black